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The EXPEDITION Project meets roadkill

May 8, 2012

I recently met with two members of an incredibly exciting and somewhat ambitious (their own words) project in the town of Alldays, Limpopo. Roger Wynne Dyke, the founder of the project, and Maddy Savitt, a charity specialist from the UK are both members of “The EXPEDITION Project”. Their plan is to embark on a 365-day journey to 200 South African towns,” in search of a nation’s stories, dreams and heartbeat”.



The Expedition Project Route



When I met them, they were on day 100, having started their long trek from Cape Town on January 1st. Roger said that their primary aim is “to take stock of South Africa’s social and environmental challenges and inspire sustainable change”. This would be achieved through travelling across South Africa covering a total of +-20000 kms and recording their information through film, photography and writing.


Roger had contacted the Endangered Wildlife Trust about projects in the towns and areas that they were visiting – the Roadkill Research and Mitigation Project was on their route, and we arranged to meet. After bringing Roger and Maddy up to speed on the work that we are doing, we then discussed how they could contribute to the work. Maddy mentioned that they had already seen numerous dead animals on the roads on the 8000 kms they had already travelled.


The project vehicles with Roger Wynne Dyke, Wendy Collinson and Barclay, a German short-haired pointer, on loan from Rox Brummer of Green Dogs (

Roger said that The EXPEDITION Project would like to be involved in the roadkill project and asked how they could help. We agreed that the best way would be for them to gather data as they travel on their 2012 route. This could be the start of a great initiative for future roadkill surveys across the country since Roger plans to repeat and expand the route for 2013 and beyond.  This 6-month trial of data collection will greatly assist our project and we look forward to reporting in future newsletters the updates form Roger and Maddy.

To see more information of The EXPEDITION Project, go to

Look out for Roger and Maddy in their project vehicle and if you spot them, take a photo and post send it into their photo competition at

You can also get involved by sponsoring R5 to their petrol costs by sending the words ‘ShowMe’, your name and the name of your town to 36764.

There are so many ways to get involved, so don’t just stand by, become a part of South Africa’s future with The EXPEDITION Project and the Endangered Wildlife Trust

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