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May 11, 2012

“As roads spread in rainforests, the environmental toll grows’


William Lawrence published a great online article this month concerning the impacts of roads in rainforests – (URL


He states that, “if we hope to preserve rainforests, new strategies must be adopted to limit the number of roads and reduce their impacts”. He argues that there has been a surge in road building across the planet, particularly in Third-World countries, where governments view roads as a cost-effective means to promote economic development and access natural resources. “Local communities in remote areas often demand new roads to improve access to markets and medical services”.


Lawrence concludes that “there is a dire need to improve environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for planned roads. Many EIAs for major development projects, such as large mines and hydroelectric dams, often ignore the devastating indirect effects of roads.



NASA: A satellite view of deforestation associated with roads in the Brazilian Amazon.


And then to “the ridiculous” in International Roadkill News. Road painting crews from the States and the UK argue “it is not their job to “remove roadkill carcasses from the road” and instead, simply paint around the “problem”.  (URL

Ignoring the problem

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