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Seven Impala killed by reckless driver in the Kruger National Park

May 15, 2012


Kruger National Park

A driver of a delivery truck (with trailer attached) belonging to one of the contractors currently working in the Kruger National Park, Shivers Contracting Company who collided with a herd of impala last week on the Kruger Gate – Skukuza road; which resulted in the deaths of at least seven impala was slapped with a hefty fine of R2500.

SANParks not only grieves for the loss of the impala but is also saddened that such an incident took place in a protected area, which is meant for safeguarding of these animals. We have decided to take action against the offending driver; who has been charged with failure to comply with the management rule, NEMA: Protected Areas Act, 57/2003 as well as inconsiderate driving to other road users by driving fast on the road and getting involved in an accident, which led to killing our impala”, said the KNP’s Head of Public Relations, William Mabasa. Impala, especially fighting rams tend to chase each other in the bush and over the roads, mostly when they are in their rutting season; either to gain dominance over each other or to round their female counterparts to join up their harems. “We’d like to appeal to the public to always be on the look-out for all kinds of species while driving on the roads in the Park as they are a general site; therefore please remember that these animals have a right of way”, continued Mabasa.

The accident happened at around 17:30 on Wednesday, 2 May 2012 and the vehicle was driving towards Skukuza. Eyewitnesses have stated that the vehicle overtook their cars at high speed, only to slam over the poor impala at the junction of Paul Kruger and Skukuza Staff Village roads. “The vehicle belongs to one of our contractor; however strict measures had to be taken against the driver as we cannot afford to allow this sort of behaviour by anyone, including our business partners. We expect this move will act as a deterrent, while we also hope and pray that a similar incident will not repeat itself in future,” concluded Mr Mabasa.

Impala in Mapungubwe National Park (photo: Neil Aldridge)

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  1. Neil Aldridge permalink
    May 15, 2012 4:15 pm

    This has been a long time coming I’m afraid. I know there are plenty of incidents on Kruger’s roads but the delivery trucks are particularly bad at sticking to speed limits or respecting visitors and game sightings.

    On the positive side…..nice impala image at the end there 😉

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